International Conference · Greentopia: Ideas, Concepts and Institutional Proposals



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 October 11 - 12, 2019

Societies need to adjust to environmental change and to new living conditions in the age of climate change and environmental degradation. This workshop explores forward-looking proposals to redefine the interface of society and nature. The concept of “Greentopia” serves as an umbrella term for innovative proposals that provide ideas and concepts for an eco-friendly social life with nature. The workshop brings together philosophers, social scientists, political theorists, economists and natural scientists in order to explore Greentopia. It invites visionary proposals, but also distinct ideas, useful concepts and suggestions for helpful institutional innovation. The workshop is part of the project “New Directions in Plant Ethics,” however is not restricted exclusively to proposals in the context of plant ethics.

This conference marks the ending of the multi-year project “New Directions in Plant Ethics,” which we celebrate by bringing together thinkers from various fields. Together we intend to open our perspectives for the future, inspiring new cooperation possibilities across borders and connecting researchers in budding networks -- encouraging positive development for a better tomorrow.

Confirmed Speakers:

Stephen M. Gardiner (University of Washington)

Andreas Hetzel (Stiftung Universität Hildesheim)

Wolfgang Palme (HBLFA für Gartenbau Schönbrunn)

Tracey Skillington (University College Cork)

Paul B. Thompson (Michigan State University)


Organizing Team: Prof. Dr. Angela Kallhoff, Wolfgang Damoser BA, Eva Bobst MA, Linnea Kralik MA, Sarah Espinosa MA


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