Published in DEGA (Der Gartenbau)

A series of articles about the value of plants, written by project member Maria Schörgenhumer, has recently been published in the journal DEGA - Der Gartenbau.

The first article explains the concept of value in relation to plants: "Was bedeutet Wert?", DEGA 9/2015 | read more

The second article investigates how and why plants can be or become valuable for people, highlighting the relational aspects of this (anthropocentric) mode of valuation: "Worin liegt Wert?", DEGA 10/2015 | read more

The third article gives a critical account of "plant production" and the reification of plants, asking whether plants can be made and handled like things, and how they are more than just things: "Pflanzen als Dinge?", DEGA 11/2015 | read more

The last article focuses on the intrinsic value of plants, explaining how such plant-centered value (independet of human interests) can be justified in plant ethics: "Der Eigenwert der Pflanze", DEGA 12/2015 | read more